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Seasons of Spirit
Seasons of Spirit is a series of teachings centered around the changes we go through during different times of the year.
October Spiritual Discernment
November Gratitude/Acceptance/Thankfulness
December Giving/Receiving
January Renewal/Rebirth
February Love/Worthiness

Total Cost: $110 – 10% = $99.00


Create Your Personal Paradise
Join this webinar series to learn the 7 Keys to Personal Paradise with the help of the Archangels. Join The Angel Encourager, Pete Cossaboon, as he leads you through the key steps in finding your personal paradise and living it!!

This series features:
Attaining Joy and Finding Appreciation
Dealing with Anger and Depression
Releasing Guilt and Shame
Perfect Angelic Health
Perfect Angelic Wealth
Great Relationships and Sex
Perfect Angelic Mindset, Clarity, and Memory

Total Cost: $278.39 – 20% = $222.71


The Empowered Way Webinar Series
The Empowered Way Webinar Series shows you how to transform your relationships in each of these areas. Instead of focusing on the shadows, Empowered Way teaches you how to shine a light into your darkness. The end result, you learn the steps to the Heart Dancing Way. Bringing Heart into everything you do.

Total Cost: $83.97 – 20% = $67.18


Introduction to Joyful Living
So you are ready to move down the Enlightened Path? We all start at the beginning when we begin to open ourselves to who we truly are. This introduction to Joy series begins to open up the channel of the Angelic realm so that we can have clarity and consciousness in every moment of our lives.
Includes these 3 Courses:
1) The Ho o Pono Pono Technique $9.99
2) Mirror Work Technique $9.99
3) Cathartic Letter Writing Technique $9.99

Total Cost: $29.97 – 33% = $20.08


Audio Brainwave Technologies
Taking binaural, solfregio, and isochronic tones to change your brain frequencies to change your life

Total Cost: $66 – 33.33333% = $44.00


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