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Dena Gould

Dena Gould is an intuitive healer, psychic and medium. As an expert in helping people embrace their authentic self, she will lead us through a number of processes with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to clear our old stories and embrace our inner light. LightOfMine.org

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Running your own business is a personal growth machine. Business is not only happening outside of you, much of it happens inside of you. To be successful you must master both the inner and outer aspects.

Gain clarity on your business goals
Discover your Life Purpose Profile
Identify your revenue streams
Energy work AND business development
This is NOT a pitch-fest!

Many spiritual business people don’t like to look at their numbers, while many traditional business people don’t consider the spiritual or energetic side of business at all. For true success you need both and that is what this weekend is all about.
Who is this Course for: Heart-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to release their blocks toward success. Spirituality can express itself in your business and take you to the next level.

This Course includes: Over 14 lectures and 16 hours of value content!
You will develop a six-figure (or more!) business plan for your business
You will do the inner work to clear the way for your plans to become your reality
You will explore your Life Purpose Profile and see how it impacts your life and business

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