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Great Relationships and Sex

Great Relationships and Sex

We are complete in ourselves and social creatures at the same time. It is right for us to have strong loving relationships with others. Our bodies have natural appetites that are part of a healthy system. It is right to honorably express those passions to bring in more Joy and to move energy through our being.

Who is this Course for: Anyone ready to take their life to the next level.

This Course includes: Finding The One You Should Love
What are Relationships for?
Why Do we Have Sex and How can we Do it With Honor

This Course is $ 39.77
Buy all Seven and Save!!

Course Package Discounts that include this Course:

Create Your Personal Paradise
Join this webinar series to learn the 7 Keys to Personal Paradise with the help of the Archangels. Join The Angel Encourager, Pete Cossaboon, as he leads you through the key steps in finding your personal paradise and living it!!

This series features:
Attaining Joy and Finding Appreciation
Dealing with Anger and Depression
Releasing Guilt and Shame
Perfect Angelic Health
Perfect Angelic Wealth
Great Relationships and Sex
Perfect Angelic Mindset, Clarity, and Memory

Includes these 7 Courses:
1) Attaining Joy and Finding Appreciation $39.77
2) Dealing with Anger and Depression $39.77
3) Releasing Guilt and Shame $39.77
4) Perfect Angelic Health $39.77
5) Perfect Angelic Wealth $39.77
6) Great Relationships and Sex $39.77
7) Perfect Angelic Mindset, Clarity, and Memory $39.77

Total Cost: $278.39 – 20% = $222.71


Pete Cossaboon

Known as The Angel Encourager. Pete is an Angel Intuitive Medium which means that he connects with Angelic and Heavenly entities to bring you the healing messages you seek for a better life here on this Earthly plain. Pete sees who you truly are and knows what is possible for you. Through the greater vision of You from the Angels we can work together to reveal more of who you truly are. As you begin to live from a space of authenticity and truth, you step into a power beyond which you have ever known. Pete brings his intimate connection with the Archangels and his love and study of Mathematics and Physics to help you understand and know Spirituality in Real Time.

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