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Live Crystal Concentric Consciousness

Live Crystal Concentric Consciousness

What if you never read a single book on Crystals, but still knew how to understand the Language of Crystals? Crystal Concentric founder Kyle Russell shows you how! That’s what he did 30 years ago when a massive Spiritual download of information gave him with a foundation of knowledge – which he’s since honed through his practice with individual clients – and in his leading of Webinars, Workshops, and Meditations.

Who is this Course for: Those with an interest in Crystal energy and how it can help you to move with more Power into your life

This Course includes: How To Understand the Language of Crystals

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Kyle Russell

Kyle Russell was turned on to Crystals during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, when he experienced a massive download of understanding about Crystals: how to think about, and work with them. Since then – between working with individual clients and teaching – he’s developed a Language of Crystals which is being shared with the world more than ever before…via Social Media; Online & In-Person events; and the recent publication of his Crystal Concentrics Meditation and Affirmation oracle cards.

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