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Empowered Joyful Living Series: New Beginnings

Empowered Joyful Living Series: New Beginnings

January seminar for Empowered Joyful Living.
Join us for a couple hours of enlightenment, fellowship, and workshops with tools to bring empowerment in to your life.
New Beginnings

Ready to start over? We all are!! Let’s do it right this time. What is doable, what is important, how do we stick with it!!

Who is this Course for: This course is designed for anyone ready to move to the next level in their Spiritual Development.

This Course includes: What is important in this New Year
How do we keep our goals doable
How do we stick with our new resolutions

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Everything we touch…in everything we do, in every word we speak is power. Vital dancing raw power. That individual energy then influences everything it connects to. A web bigger than anything you could imagine. A series of cause and effects that move us all. Events that very literally create the universe we live in. Each time we connect with that energy…in a flower, in the aura of another person, in a feather of a bird, or the words we write and set free into cyberspace…we not only absorb the potential of those particles but we set them, as well as our own, spinning off in whatever vibration the intention we are living has set. When we learn to how to recognize these energies and start disassembling the toxic programming we’ve held onto so tightly to in our lives telling us we aren’t enough. We begin the transformational process of rewriting our destiny. Manifesting the future we hunger for. We start a new chapter in our story filled with the beauty and grace that comes flowing from every moment, every person, and every word. We learn how to look at pain, loss, and anxiety for what it really is and start appreciating those phases of being that evolve us. We learn to take back our own transcendental power as children of the Divine. Learning how to shift and pull the energy around us to work in our favor like we were always meant to do. Finding the magic that hides in us all, just waiting to unfold like a rose blooming in fall. Opening to the cold and the wind, standing beautiful, strong, and vital against the harshness of the world. Emitting grace, warmth, and regal beauty to whomever is lucky enough to set eyes on it.


Cassandra Stoneking

Cassandra, is a working spiritualist, reader, and intuitive who uses her education in psychology, herbalism, and energy work to assist in manifesting the most beneficial and balanced lives for those she works with. As an espiritista she works closely with those who have passed on before us seeking and gathering their endless wisdom for our human conditions. Cassandra currently holds degrees in small business management and social psychology as well as numerous certificates in theology, psychology, anthropology, and other related subjects. As a perpetual scholar her current focus is on philosophies and principles of her chosen life path in Ifa. A favored quote of Cassandra?s is “True evolution of self is birthed from service to humanity”. In addition to her work and her faith, Cassandra?s greatest passions are her magnificent children. Her interests lie in classic literature, poetry, as well as anything/anyone with an intriguing history. For more information about Cassandra, visit LuzyProgreso.com.

Mary Katherine Honeycutt

Mary Katherine reads Tarot cards for friends and professionally. She has enjoyed reading and using the tarot since she was 16 years old. Last year she started the Light Worker?s Celebration as a way to invite the public, intuitive individuals, and local artists to come together and celebrate the Divine Light within us all. Melissa Posey her partner in LWC and they are moving towards their 3rd year. She is one of the hosts of the radio show ?Light Workers at Work? which airs on True2YouRadio.com. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband, making jewelry, personal talismans, and altering photos she has taken. Mary Katherine continues to provide Tarot readings upon request and collaborating with friends to help others empower themselves to live the life they want to live NOW!! Mary Katherine\’s has a BA in Sociology and an MS in Community Counseling and has worked extensively counseling those dealing with HIV/AIDS and family custody issues. For more information about Mary Katherine, visit LightWorkersCelebration.com.

Melissa Posey

Melissa is a Certified Crystal Healer, Access Bars practitioner, Reiki practitioner as well as a Massage Therapist. She is always studying and learning new methods of healing to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance. Melissa is a certified advanced crystal healer through the Love and Light School of Energy Medicine. Her main focus is on the use of crystals on the body and in the environment combined with energy work to assist others in their healing process. She also makes healing jewelry and teaches classes to help others understand the properties of crystals and how to incorporate them into their lives. Melissa is also a certified Access Bars practitioner. The Bars are an aspect of Access Consciousness and consist of 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life. We call all of the points you touch when using this modality The Bars. They store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. When you have your Bars run it is like hitting the delete button on a computer! Melissa also helps in facilitating an event called The Light Worker\’s Celebration that promotes individuals coming together to celebrate the light within all beings. Our target is to bring knowledge to others and allow them to share their knowledge as well in a safe and loving space. For more information about Melissa, visit LightWorkersCelebration.com.

Pete Cossaboon

Known as The Angel Encourager. Pete is an Angel Intuitive Medium which means that he connects with Angelic and Heavenly entities to bring you the healing messages you seek for a better life here on this Earthly plain. Pete sees who you truly are and knows what is possible for you. Through the greater vision of You from the Angels we can work together to reveal more of who you truly are. As you begin to live from a space of authenticity and truth, you step into a power beyond which you have ever known. Pete brings his intimate connection with the Archangels and his love and study of Mathematics and Physics to help you understand and know Spirituality in Real Time.

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