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Live Call in Show Lori Grant You Have to Feel to Heal March 3

Live Call in Show Lori Grant You Have to Feel to Heal March 3

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Lori Grant is so much more than a wife, daughter, sister and friend. She knows that her journey has a reason and she embraces it all. Lori is a professionally trained Life, Energy coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, children’s book author and lover of life.

If you have trouble saying no, feel guilty when you do, or think it’s your job or responsibility to fix everything or everyone, you want to work with Lori.

She lives in Littleton, MA with her husband Andy and their dog Sadie and cat Marge. Lori loves to cook, travel, and be with friends and family, her biggest passions next to living happily with Andy.

Who is this Course for: This course is designed for anyone ready to move to the next level in their Spiritual Development.

This Course includes: Live call in show providing help to callers on how to establish boundaries

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Lori Grant

Lori has been a coach for 13 years and is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. Lori was the first life and energy coach working in the mental health field in the state of Massachusetts and has seen first hand the transformational power and lasting positive change that energy work can bring. As a graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and now a Teacher?s assistant there, she continually grows and guides others through their challenges. She spent 18 months working at an outpatient program for mental health as a Life Coach and Energy Healer. She worked with close to 500 people in that time, and became acutely aware that many of the problems of the patients as well as her other clients were the same; they worried about others happiness more than their own. With her personal experience living as a people pleaser, as well as her education, training and work, she has learned much quicker and easier ways to shift and remove the belief systems that keep you from being as important as the other people in your life.

Pete Cossaboon

Known as The Angel Encourager. Pete is an Angel Intuitive Medium which means that he connects with Angelic and Heavenly entities to bring you the healing messages you seek for a better life here on this Earthly plain. Pete sees who you truly are and knows what is possible for you. Through the greater vision of You from the Angels we can work together to reveal more of who you truly are. As you begin to live from a space of authenticity and truth, you step into a power beyond which you have ever known. Pete brings his intimate connection with the Archangels and his love and study of Mathematics and Physics to help you understand and know Spirituality in Real Time.

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