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Live Call in Show Ask the Records with Andy Grant

Live Call in Show Ask the Records with Andy Grant

Explore the Akashic Records to receive insight, clarity, and healing. This live program features Akashic readings of callers by your host, Andy Grant. The Akashic Records are the vibrational recording of your soul’s entire journey where you can ask questions of your Guides, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones in Spirit.

Who is this Course for: Anyone ready to find out what your records will reveal

This Course includes: Find out what is in your Akashic Records in this Live Call

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Andy Grant

Andy has been performing energy readings and coaching people around the world since May, 2011. He added Akashic Records Readings to his offerings in October, 2013. He is a graduate of David Morelli?s Enwaken Coaching System?, a year-long intensive program of reading energy, and has certificates in Reiki, Soul Entrainment®, Akashic Records, and Positive Psychology, as well as a slew of other training from such personal growth leaders as Brendon Burchard, Bill Harris, Margaret Lynch, Mike Dooley, T. Harv Eker, Linda Howe and many more. He is the best selling author of a number of books and even has an online class that can teach you how to publish your own eBooks too. Andy hosts a monthly live radio program, “Ask The Records with Andy Grant”, where people can call in live and have their Records opened to receive a bit of clarity, guidance or insight.

Pete Cossaboon

Known as The Angel Encourager. Pete is an Angel Intuitive Medium which means that he connects with Angelic and Heavenly entities to bring you the healing messages you seek for a better life here on this Earthly plain. Pete sees who you truly are and knows what is possible for you. Through the greater vision of You from the Angels we can work together to reveal more of who you truly are. As you begin to live from a space of authenticity and truth, you step into a power beyond which you have ever known. Pete brings his intimate connection with the Archangels and his love and study of Mathematics and Physics to help you understand and know Spirituality in Real Time.

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